StreetSmartTrader Induction

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Every journey begins with a single step

Forex Trading Launchpad in 7 Days.

StreetSmartTrader Induction is that first step to effective Forex Trading. It is designed to get you started quickly and effectively. Its primary purpose is to:

  • Ensure that you have the right equipment to trade
  • Ensure that NinjaTrader, our preferred trading platform, is properly set up
  • Help you set up your micro Forex trading account
  • Connect NinjaTrader to your micro Forex account so that you can trade from within NinjaTrader.
  • Ensure that your StreetSmartTrading Platform is properly installed
  • Your trading charts and currencies are properly set up
  • You are able to to enter and exit a play trade.

This is for you:

  • Iif you have done your research
  • Are serious about giving Forex Trading a go
  • Willing to invest time and effort in making it work
  • Are looking for an effective framework and a disciplined approach to help you build your trading skills.

This is not for you if you are:

  • Looking for a a get rich quick scheme
  • Are not able to commit the time and effort to learning to become an effective trader
  • Are expecting to be profitable trading live money in 30 days.

Here is the deal

  • This program gets you ready to start building your Forex Trading skills.
  • Will you be able to trade in 7 days  … yes
  • Will you be ready to trade live in 7 days … highly unlikely.
  • This is not a get rich quick scheme
  • There is no shortcut, becoming an effective Forex Trader takes time, effort and persistence
  • Our path is to layer in the necessary knowledge and give you the time to convert that to skill.
  • StreetSmartTraders provide the framework
  • Your more experienced fellow community members are your guides
  • You supply the effort and persistence
  • And together, we will trade that path.

See you in the community.

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StreetSmartTrader Induction
All systems go in 7 days

[icon_list][icon_list_item type=”check”]NinjaTrader set up and configured[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item type=”check”]Demo Micro Forex account set up with broker[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item type=”check”]Able to place trades on your micro account from within NinjaTrader[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item type=”check”]30 days access to StreetSmartTrading Framework and platform[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item type=”check”]1 x 60 minute small group live online tutorials[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item type=”check”]$197 USD

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