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NinjaTraderTM is our #1 recommended active trader platform. We are pleased to offer NinjaTraderTM to our clients for many reasons but one great reason is that you can get started with NinjaTraderTM for Free!

Why pay hundreds of dollars per month for products with lessfunctionality when with NinjaTraderTM all you need is access to a real-time or historical data feed.

Ninja Trader is a German multinational organization, and with their trademarked platform NinjaTraderTM, they have been leaders since 2003, pioneering an easy to use yet powerful trading platform that includes features such as:

[icon_list style=”font-size:18px;”] [icon_list_item style=”color: green;” type=”check”]Superior order entry options[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item style=”color: green;” type=”check”]Easy to see trade visualization[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item style=”color: green;” type=”check”]Industry leading trade management features[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item style=”color: green;” type=”check”]Comprehensive market analytical tools [/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item style=”color: green;” type=”check”]Automated and customised trading features[/icon_list_item][icon_list_item style=”color: green;” type=”check”]Choice of Market Data Services and Broker Connectivity Options[/icon_list_item] [icon_list_item style=”color: green;” type=”check”]Providesdetailed Education and Support[/icon_list_item] [/icon_list]